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Bride and Groom

Buy. Build. Brag.

Ready to DIY? Here's how it works:

Step 1:
Buy the Blooms

Step 2:
Build Your Bouquets 

Step 3:
Brag Your Face Off

You're gonna break all the hearts. After checkout.

  • Exclusive, full length DIY tutorials – for customers only!

  • A DIY MasterClass Course that outlines every step  also exclusive to customers only!

  • Freakishly responsive customer care 

  • Florist-grade blooms at half the price

 Major wedding highlight – Many folks tell us that making their bouquets with their family was the best memory of their wedding week

  • Float down the aisle knowing your guests are totally eye-oogling your designs

  • Enjoy months and months of braggy Insta posts


Recruit your assembly team, stock up on Wine, and get ready to shout as you unbox floral love.

  • Your flowers arrive 3 days in advance, so Wednesday for a Saturday wedding.

  • Day 1, you prep. Days 2-3, you design. Day 4, YOU GET MARRIED.

  • Stick to our instructions and your flowers will look like something out of a magazine.

  • Here's a helpful page to get all your DIY helpers up to speed!  

Let’s Work Together

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